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Sailor Scouts Bingo cards by silvermoonmagic
Sailor Scouts Bingo cards
Here I made Sailor Scouts theme BINGO cards. At the top are Mercury's card in the light blue, and Mars's card is the red. At the bottom are Jupiter's in green, and Venus's is in the orange.

The Mercury card was the very first card I made, it's the most messed up one because it was the test one. Then I made Jupiter, Mars, Moon.
DIY Sailor Moon BINGO CARDS by silvermoonmagic
On March 23, 2016 I made I own DIY Sailor Moon "BINGO" cards. I still have to make the SM spinner, right now am using a dollarama  Disney's BINGO spinner.

This is Sailor Moon's card the base is royal blue cardstock . I used stickers for the bingo spaces, and I drew on the Sailor  plant symbols plus a cat face to represent Luna, or Artemis, Diana or Luna P. Which ever cat you like better.  The free space I drew Tuxedo Mask's top hat. The bingo pieces am using the ones that came from the
dollarama game.  The Moon card was the 4 one I made the first one was Mercury. In the next photo you may be able to see all the mistakes I made with Mercury's card. Though not sure when I will post that photo yet.

Why did I make these cards? Because I want to play with Sailor Moon theme games!! If they were in the stores I buy them!!

To make this card:

royal blue cardstock
stickers from dollarama
Black and colored markers
Under the moon light by silvermoonmagic
Under the moon light
Happy Valentine's Day!!"iconrainbowheartplz:
I drew this on Feb 4 and painted it on Feb 12,2016. I used acrylic paint and the canvas from the dollarama. I got this idea from a wonderful youtuber " The Art Sherpa " Here is the video were I watched and followed will kinda. lol… For my painting I made my couple look like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
Sailor Moon is coming to town by silvermoonmagic
Sailor Moon is coming to town
Sailor Moon, Mini Moon and the Inners are here at my home for Christmas!!  These are the Sailor Moon Christmas Special Petite Chara Figures, I love them!!  They are super adorable!!



In my last journal I had said I hope things would slow down a little and get back to normal.  The next day on July 20 I lost my second baby my dog Apollo. I don't know what happen as far as I knew he was not sick, not like my cat who was sick for 2 months before I had to put him down. He was acting normal then gone just like that!!:(  But he is gone and I want to think he is with my cat Silverrado. It's so hard to think of both of them gone.
  • Listening to: Sailor Moon songs
  • Playing: making my own Sailor Moon games
  • Drinking: OJ

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